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Professor Hong Won Suh
Global Leadership Division Dean, Department of the English Language and Literature
02-2123-3218 / 032-749-3506
Major : 

English – English Poetry, 17th Century British Literature, John Milton, Literature Translation, Rhetoric Studies, English Education


Yonsei University, College of Liberal Arts, English Language and Literature Professor
Yonsei University, Underwood International College, Comparative Literature and Culture Major Head Professor
Yonsei University, University College English Head Professor
Yonsei University, International Campus, Dean of RC Education
Korea’s Milton and Modern English Literature Association Chairman

Education : 

Yonsei University B.A. in Business administration
Yonsei University M.A. in English Literature
University of Notre Dame Ph.D. in English Literature

Professor Wha Sun Jho
Global Leadership Division Professor in charge of Commerce Major, Department of Political Science and International Studies
Major : 

International Politics, Political Economics, IT Politics


2006. 2. ~ Yonsei University, Political Diplomacy Professor
2009. 3. ~ Yonsei University, Institute of East and West Studies, Head of Center for Information Technology and Governance
2016. 3. ~ Yonsei University, Vice President of National Administration Research Institute
2015. 3. ~ Graduate School of Yonsei University, Head of Political Science Department
2013. 9. - 2014. 8. Harvard University Visiting Professor (Weatherhead Center)
2014. 12. ~ Member of the Policy Advisory Committee for the Ministry of Government and Home Affairs
2011. 11. ~ Member of the Inquiry Commission for the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
2015. 8. ~ Board Committee Member for the Ministry of Government and Home Affairs
2012. 6. ~ Member of the Policy Advisory Committee for the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

Education : 

1985.3 ~ 1989.2 Yonsei University, Bachelors Degree in Politcal Diplomacy
1989.9 ~ 1991.8 Yonsei University, Masters in Political Science
1997.9 ~ 2003.6 U.S.A., Northwestern University, Ph.D in Political Science